Workshops can be booked by chatting to our service team online! For more information on workshops please visit our Workshop policy page.   

Preparing for Workshops

Students should know what questions/topic they will be asking during their 1 hour Workshop. This will be asked by the Service Team when booking in a session. We ask for this information so that our tutors can be best prepared for the workshop.

If you’ve missed a theory lesson and want to attend a Workshop we advise that you complete this checklist prior to your booking:

  1. Students should go through the theory book for the missed lesson

  2. Complete as much questions they can

  3. Bookmark/highlight questions you need help on so you can easily find them during the Workshop

  4. Write down any extra questions so you don’t forgot to ask them

  5. At the start of your workshop, remind the tutor that you missed the lesson but went through the Theory Book/Workbook and have some questions.

COVID-19 Update for Matrix Workshops.

All Matrix students attending Workshops must comply with additional COVID-19 safety measures, in addition to the terms and conditions of Matrix Workshops.

  • Any student who is feeling unwell on the day of the Workshop should not come to the Matrix campus. As a temporary measure, we will not be banning students who call in sick on the day of their Workshop.

  • All Matrix Tutors will have their temperature checked at the start of their shift. If a Tutor has a temperature of 37.5 °C or over, they will be sent home.

  • All workshop students will have their temperature checked before the commencement of the Workshop. If the student has a temperature of 37.5 °C or over, their Workshop will be sent home.

  • Both the student and the Tutor in the Workshop must wear face masks for the entire duration of the Workshop. Matrix will issue face masks to students and Tutors if they have not brought their own.

  • Seating and desks will be distanced in the Workshop spaces and students must remain seated in their allocated space for the duration of the Workshop.

During this time, we may have some Workshops being cancelled due to staff illness and taking all health precautions. Please understand that these measures are put into place in the interests of protecting the health and safety of the Matrix community, including your child. We will endeavour to find a replacement Tutor or reschedule the workshop where possible. Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated in these times and we look forward to seeing our students in Workshops this term.

For the latest timetable, please click here

Should you wish to book in a workshop, message us online by clicking on the icon on the bottom right.

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