Term courses run for 9 lessons in total and run for 1.5 or 3 hours depending on which subject you are enrolled into.

Enrolling into a term course helps you gain a thorough understanding of the content over a longer period of time. You will work on developing new skills weekly and feel confident as the term takes place.

Lesson Breakdown

Our courses follow this lesson structure:

Studying English at Matrix

At Matrix, students study a variety of texts that have been chosen to help them learn key concepts and gain knowledge of important artistic, cultural, and historical movements. The tasks set for homework will enable students to develop and perfect their written language skills.

Why aren’t I studying my school text at Matrix?

Prior to Year 12, schools do not have a prescribed list of texts that they need to teach. Unlike Mathematics and Science, there is no specific textual knowledge that students must acquire prior to the HSC year. Instead, schools need to help students acquire specific skills for analysing texts and developing skills in accordance with the NSW Education Standards Syllabus Outcomes.

This means that often schools are teaching vastly different texts at the same time. The Matrix Method uses a variety of texts through Years 7-11, to prepare students with the skills and knowledge they require to be ready to meet the demands of the HSC for English Advanced.

How is studying a different text at Matrix relevant?

While students may not be studying their exact texts from school, they are learning important details about:

  • Literary forms, 

  • Structures, and

  • Movements.

In addition, students develop skills in:

  • Literary analysis,

  • Critical thinking,

  • Composition, and

  • Editing.

The knowledge and students acquire will translate to their study of texts at school.

Gaining knowledge in one part of English actually informs and enhances your understanding of all areas of the subject. For example, studying modernism isn’t irrelevant, it’s actually essential training for Y12. The Matrix Year 10 English Course is laying the foundations for a student’s engagement with Modernism during the HSC.

How will Matrix improve my marks at school?

Learning English should be process driven and at Matrix you will learn a process that works.

Step 1: Read regularly and widely. Matrix English courses are packed with texts you won’t get to read at school.

By reading more and encountering a wide variety of ideas, Matrix helps you build your understanding of English literature.

Step 2: Practice your writing. The more you write, the more chances you have to get feedback from your teacher and tutors. Completing writing tasks in class, and drafting new pieces at home will all help.

Learning to write well takes time and effort – language is about style and conventions which are not as predictable as equations.

Most Matrix students start to see clear improvements in their writing and marks after six months.

Step 3: Attend Workshops as well as class. Matrix offers free one-on-one workshops to all our English students.

Need help with a tricky assignment for school? Have an idea but not sure how to express it? Want to polish your essay before you submit?

Our tutors and teaching staff are here to help students succeed.

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