Matrix online theory lessons

Our teachers (who are subject matter experts) will provide online theory lesson videos to be available for Matrix students. If your child is unable to attend their lesson due to self-isolation or prefers to learn at home, Matrix now offers online video lessons.

Students will be able to rewatch and learn in their own time, pace and space. They will be available on the course resource section on the Matrix LMS, exclusive to Matrix Students only.

Matrix students will be able to access online theory videos specifically produced for lessons that are to be used in collaboration with our Matrix Resources. They're not just recordings of a class in action, rather our teachers deliver the structured content as delivered in-class at Matrix - but at home. 

Our teachers will take you through the theory content step-by-step, explain difficult concepts so they are easy to understand, and include valuable exam tips and common mistakes made by students. Of course, these theory online videos have been tried and tested by Matrix students and proven to be effective.

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