At Matrix we run one Term ahead of the school year, this means that in April we start Term 3 while schools may be starting Term 2 material.

Our Term 3 course dates for Matrix+ Online courses are 6 April 2021 - 27 June 2021. However, please keep in mind that you will have access to all material from the point of enrolment and the theory lesson videos will remain online until 31 December 2021.

Our course dates are simply a guideline for when homework and quizzes need to be submitted for marking. After 27 June 2021, you will not be able to submit any work to be marked.

Enrolments for our Online Term 2 courses are currently closed.

We will open enrolments for Matrix+ Term 3 courses in mid-March for courses to commence on 06 April 2021.


Q1: Matrix is doing Term 2 but I want to enrol into a different Term. Can I do this and have my work marked?

Of course! If you're in Year 11 of Year 12 we have all term's available for enrolment as we understand some schools may teach topics out of order. If you enrol into a different term, you will have the same deadline for homework to be submitted.

For example: You've enrolled into Year 11 Chemistry Term 4, you will still have to submit your homework by 28 March 2021. However, all videos will be up until December 2021.

Q2: I didn't do Term 1/Term 2, can I do it now?

Instead, you're more than welcome to purchase the Term 1 or Term 2 material for our Matrix+ Online courses. This way you can catch up at home on your own time and pace.

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