Last updated 31 August 2021 

Matrix campuses will be closed to the public for the duration of the Greater Sydney lockdown and for the entirety of Term 1 2022 (October 2021 - December 2021 as we run one term ahead of school).

Given the significant increase in COVID-19 cases in the Greater Sydney region, all Matrix students will attend our Online Matrix+ On Demand or Matrix Live courses for Term 1 (starting 05 October) and our campuses will remain closed. All resources will be mailed to your home address and we encourage you to please see our FAQs below.


We will continue to monitor the evolving health situation and remain hopeful that we will be able to continue back on campus in 2022.

We hope all Matrix students and parents stay safe during this uncertain time.


What will happen with my enrolments?

All enrolled students will automatically be moved online to Matrix Live classes.

All books will be sent to your mailing address. As all campuses are closed, pickups are currently not possible.

What is Matrix Live?

Matrix Live is our regular scheduled Matrix campus class, but streamed live via Zoom and running in real time. Students will be in a virtual class with their Matrix teacher and classmates to learn and interact. When we return to campus (hopefully in January 2022), students will remain in these classes and eventually attend on campus.

Our course offering remains the same. Students will experience:

  • 9 Weekly Live streamed online lessons with a teacher, where they can ask questions during their class

  • Weekly quizzes completed in class

  • Weekly marked homework where applicable

  • Access to 1 to 1 online Workshops (subject to availability and eligibility)

  • Text books delivered to their home to use during Matrix Live lessons

I'm not interested in Matrix Live. What will happen to my enrolment?

If you're not interested in Matrix Live, you can still enrol into our Matrix+ courses. You can see the difference between the two course offerings here.

You have the option to cancel your Matrix Live or Matrix+ courses before we send resources on 13 September (Holiday Courses & Matrix+) or 27 September 2021 and be provided with a refund of all fees paid for this term.

Note: You will not be able to cancel your enrolment if resources have been sent. The last chance to cancel your enrolment is 13 September (Holiday Courses & Matrix+) or 27 September 2021

If I decide to cancel my enrolment this term, does my child lose their spot?

Should you decide to disenrol from our term courses, we can't guarantee we can offer your child the same spot in their class if you wish to re-join.

As Matrix Live is simply our face-to-face courses streamed online, students can enrol into your spot should you leave the class.

If lockdown ends in the middle of the term, will Matrix go back to face-to-face classes?

Matrix continues to be committed to prioritising the health and safety of our Matrix community. Should schools return mid-term, Matrix will endeavour to welcome our students back to face-to-face classes.

However, at this stage we cannot guarantee if face-to-face classes will be possible later in the term given NSW Government restrictions that impact our learning centres as they operate from office blocks.

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