The health and safety of our community is our top priority, as is the continuation of learning at Matrix.

As part of our COVID Safe plan, students and staff are not to attend Matrix if they feel unwell, have directed to isolate or have visited a COVID-19 case location identified by the NSW Government.

If any Matrix student is absent as a result of being sick, in self-isolation due to COVID-19 or as a COVID-19 precaution as listed above, we are here to help. We would like to offer our Matrix students one weeks’ access to their missed lesson’s video.

This is the Matrix COVID-19 Learning Guarantee to ensure our student’s learning continues here at Matrix.

Matrix COVID Learning Guarantee Policy

  1. In line with the Matrix COVID Safe measures, all enrolled students who are ill, awaiting COVID test results, or are in isolation due to school closures are not to enter any Matrix premises. Students must present a Medical Certificate, confirmation of COVID-19 test or a letter from a counsellor. Students affected by school closures will be automatically eligible once identified by the Department of Health.

  2. If a student is enrolled into a Matrix class in Matrix 2022 Term 2 and is absent from their scheduled weekly lesson as a result of feeling unwell, self-isolation due to COVID-19 or as a COVID-19 precaution, Matrix will provide them access to their missed class online video lesson.

  3. Students have access to up to two video lessons per term per course.

  4. Matrix 2022 Term 2 commences 31 January 2022 and concludes on 4 April 2022.

  5. Matrix 2021 Holiday 2 commences 10 January 2022 and concludes on 20 January 2021

  6. The student will be provided online access to the Matrix lesson video for one week after the missed lesson has occurred. After one week has passed, the video will expire.

  7. All Matrix lesson videos, online resources, Theory Books, Work Books, Quizzes, and Topic Tests are copyrighted and remain the property of Matrix Education. They are not to be copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted or broadcast without permission.

  8. Matrix COVID Learning Guarantee Policy does not apply to short holiday courses.

  9. Matrix reserves the right to amend this policy or withdraw this offering at any time at their discretion, without prior notice.

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