Employee Referral Program

Terms and conditions of the Employee Referral Program for Matrix staff.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions:

  • Referrer: A current Matrix employee who is referring a candidate.

  • Referee: A candidate who is being referred to a vacant position by the referrer.

2. The maximum referral bonus amount that referrers are eligible for is $250.00 for casual positions and $500.00 for permanent full time positions unless stated by HR.

3. Referrals must only be made for positions that are being recruited for at the time. This includes positions that are advertised externally online and internally via staff email from HR.

4. Referrals will only be recognised in the following circumstances:

  • The referrer forwards the referee's application to HR.

  • The referee applies to HR directly and acknowledges the referrer in writing in the cover letter.

5. Referrers will not be eligible for the Employee Referral Bonus in the following circumstances:

  • The referee must not be current or former employee of Matrix Education. This includes, permanent, casual, contract and also temporary employees.

  • The referee is a former Matrix student who completed their HSC in the last Matrix academic year.

  • Referring unsolicited resumes.

  • Referrals made on, for and by vendors, consultants or customers.

  • Referrals made by a hiring or reporting manager for vacant positions within their own department.

6. The hiring of the referee must occur within six months of receipt of the referee's application to HR.

7. If a more than one referrer refers the same referee, the referee will be asked to nominate one referrer only to HR for eligibility of the referral bonus.

8. Referral bonuses will be paid to the referrer under the following conditions:

  • The referee has successfully completed their six month probation at Matrix Education.

  • The referrer and referee are current employees of Matrix Education at the time of the referral bonus being issued.

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