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Mock OC Test for Year 3 & 4 students
Mock OC Test for Year 3 & 4 students

Assess your Opportunity Class (OC) exam readiness with Matrix OC Mock Entrance Exam.

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What is OC Mock Test?

The Opportunity Class (OC) Mock Test is a 90 minute paper-based examination for measuring prospective students' proficiency in key learning areas of:






  1. Reading

  2. Vocabulary

  3. Language Conventions


20 minutes


  1. Number & Algebra

  2. Measurement & Geometry

  3. Statistics & Probability


20 minutes

Critical Thinking

  1. Verbal Reasoning

  2. Mathematical Reasoning

  3. Spatial Reasoning

  4. Logical Reasoning

35 for Year 4
20 for Year 3

40 min for Year 4

20 min for Year 4

Who is it for?

The OC mock test is undertaken by prospective Year 3 and 4 students who are interested in sitting the Opportunity Class Placement Test.

Why should I take the test?

Its primary purpose is to help parents discover their child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Parents are provided via an email with a detailed performance report consisting of their:

  1. Test scores,

  2. Achievement in key learning areas, and

  3. Recommendations for improving their knowledge and skills gap

Parents will also have the opportunity to schedule a personalised academic consultation upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some commonly asked questions by parents about the Mock OC Test.

Q1: How long is the test?

The Mock OC Test consists of 3 sections and is 80 minutes long for Year 4 students and 60 minutes long for Year 3 students. Students will be given 5 minute breaks between the tests.

Q2: What's assessed in the test?

Students are assessed in English, Mathematics and Critical Thinking skills.

Q3: What is considered a good score?

To properly interpret your child's performance on these tests, it is important to compare their scores to both the average and highest scores. Any test score above the cohort's average score is considerd a good score.

Q4: If my child receives a high score, should I still be considering the Matrix primary courses?

We provide a detailed breakdown of your child's performance to help you understand their strengths and weaknesses. We would advise to choose a course that can best address the learning gaps identified.

Q5: When do I receive the results?

Your child's diagnostic report will be emailed to you within 3 days of sitting the test.

Q6: Can I talk to anyone about my child's results?

Yes! Our Head of Primary Learning, DJ Kim provides personalised academic advice to parents. Please use the chat messenger to request a booking.

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