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Resource Policy

Lost your books or interested in what resources you can access?

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Matrix Education Resources policy outlines the terms, conditions, and procedures related to the issue, replacement and possession of  Matrix Academic Resources.

Matrix Academic Resources refer to any printed and online course materials copyrighted to Matrix Education and includes and is not limited to theory books, workbooks, quizzes and topic tests, short course notes, revision booklets and online materials on the Matrix Learning Management System (LMS).


Theorybooks and Workbooks


  1. All students who are enrolled in a course at Matrix Education will be issued with a theorybook which contains the lesson content for the course and a workbooklet which contains the weekly homework.

  2. English courses will not be provided with a workbooklet. The workbooklet is available on the student’s Matrix LMS


  1. Students who are enrolled in a course at Matrix will receive the courses theorybook and workbook (where applicable) in their first lesson.

  2. Students who do not continue with the full term commitment (until the ninth lesson) as approved by the Customer Service Manager per the Disenrolment Policy, must return their term’s resources for the course within the time period set by the Customer Service Manager in order for their disenrolment to be processed and finalised.

  3. Mid term disenrolments which have been approved by the Customer Service Manager will receive a pro-rata refund of the remaining lessons as of the date and time of the resources being returned in person to a Matrix Education campus service desk.

  4. If a student loses a Matrix resource during the course of the term, they may request a replacement set of resources. A fee will apply (as outlined in the Appendix).

  5. Students are not eligible to be issued or purchase past and present term’s Matrix resources.

  6. Matrix resources are exclusive to Matrix students who are enrolled in the course and are not available for purchase separately.


Matrix LMS (Online resources)

A student who has enrolled for a term course will receive an invitation to join the course online on the Matrix LMS.

A student will continue to have access to their online resources for the courses they have undertaken at Matrix Education until the end of the academic year at Matrix.

  • For term course and HACC, the academic year will end on the final day of Matrix term 4 of the academic year in September.

  • For UCAT courses, this will fall on the date of the UCAT examination for the year.

If a student enrols in a Matrix course as an accelerated student, they will not continue to have access to the LMS resources after the end of the academic year they were enrolled in.

For example a year 11 student enrols and undertakes the UCAT course at Matrix Education. They will not have access or permissions for the Matrix UCAT LMS resources into year 12 unless they re-enrol in the UCAT course in year 12.


Topic Tests

Students who are enrolled in a Matrix term or holiday accelerated course will be issued a topic test at the end of every term in the final lessons. In some cases, the topic test may not take place in the final lesson and the students will be invited to sit the examination at a later, pre-determined date. In the case of some senior maths classes, a topic test may occur mid-term, depending on the course outcomes as set by the Academic Coordinator. .

  • Students will be issued with the topic test in an examination conditions. They must be submitted to the supervising teacher or the exam invigilator at the end of the exam time.

  • Students are not permitted to take home blank examinations if they have missed sitting the examination.

  • Topic tests will be returned to students at the commencement of the following term.

  • On occasion, some courses will issue a take-home examination in lieu of a topic test

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