Class Resources

Online copies of the classroom resources can be found in the Learning Management System (LMS).

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Students can access online copies of information discussed in class.


English students will find the following in the Resources Page:

  • PDFs relevant to in-class discussion

  • Media files for videos or audio extracts viewed in class

  • Supplementary files for texts

  • Online Glossaries

  • Links to additional material

Mathematics students will find:

  • Workbook Solutions

  • Quiz Solutions

  • Topic Test Solutions

  • Online Quizzes

Science students will find:

  • Homework Solutions

  • Additional links to material viewed in class such as videos, demos, and other online material and documents

  • Quiz Solutions

  • Topic Test Solutions

  • Additional resources for school assessments such as practical assessments

Instructions for accessing online resources can be found here in the Accessing Resources article.

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