Year 12 Holiday Courses

Complete an entire term's worth of content over 9-days in the school holidays before you go back to school!

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Good time management in Year 12 is vital and Matrix Holiday courses are a great way to complete your studies before the term even begins! This way you'll have free time for assignments and extra curricular activities during the term.

Year 12 Holiday Courses at Matrix provide you with the exact same content, material and often teachers as the Year 12 Term courses. Holiday courses simply give you an opportunity to learn the term’s content in advance and get ahead of your peers!

You could learn an entire terms worth of content in just 9-days.

Holiday courses are highly recommended by our teachers and greatly reviewed by our students!

If you're unsure of which course to choose, you can see a comparison of our Holiday, Term and Matrix+ courses here.

You can enrol in a combination of Holiday and Term courses to suit your individual needs and commitments.

Interested in enrolling into a Holiday Course or wish to move your Term course to the holidays? Chat online to our service team for assistance.

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