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Year 11 & 12 Holiday Accelerated Courses explained
Year 11 & 12 Holiday Accelerated Courses explained

Everything you need to know about Year 11 and 12 Holiday Accelerated Courses.

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What are Holiday Accelerated Courses (HAC)?

Holiday Accelerated Courses (HAC) are programs designed to help Year 11 and 12 students stay one step ahead of their peers by completing the next term's content before it is taught at school.

Who should consider Holiday Accelerated Courses?

Year 11 and 12 students who want to:

  1. Learn key concepts before it's taught at school

  2. Maximise their time during the school holidays

  3. Feel more confident and be better prepared for school assessments

Which subjects/courses are offered?

The courses offered are:

  • English (Writing Skills, Module C)

  • Mathematics (Advanced, Extension 1, Extension 2)

  • Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

What is the course structure?

Year 12 Holiday course structure

Year 12 courses consist of 9 lessons x 3 hours over two weeks:

  • Week 1: Monday - Friday

  • Week 2: Monday to Thursday

Year 11 Holiday course structure

  • English, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses consist of 5 lessons x 3 hours over one week (Monday to Friday).

  • Mathematics Ext 1 course consists 9 lessons x 3 hours over two weeks.

When do Holiday Accelerated Courses start?



January Holiday Course (H2)

09/01/23 – 21/01/23

April Holiday Course (H3)

11/04/23 – 22/04/23

July Holiday Course (H4)

03/07/23 – 22/07/23

How past students achieved their academic goals

See how past students used the Matrix Holiday Accelerated Courses to gain a competitive advantage over their peers.

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