Year 11 Holiday Courses

Complete an entire term's worth of content over 5-days in the school holidays before you go back to school!

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On-campus Year 11 Holiday courses provide the exact same content, material and teachers as the Year 11 Term courses. Holiday courses simply give you an opportunity to get ahead and learn content in advance!

Matrix on-campus Term courses for Year 11 are 1.5 hours long and run 1 lesson a week for 9 weeks during the term. Whereas, Holiday courses are 3 hours long and run for 5 days in the school holidays. This means you could complete an entire term's worth of content in just one week!

These courses are intensive and require commitment from our students, but the are highly recommended to get ahead of your school work.

Matrix Education offers holiday courses for the following subjects:

  • English Advanced

  • Maths Extension 1 (revision)

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

You can enrol in a combination of Holiday and Term courses to suit your individual needs.

For more information and to enrol please visit our Holiday Course page.

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