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Information on our Monthly and Quarterly payment options and our direct debit schedule explained.

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Matrix Education tuition fees are charged by Direct Debit via Visa or Mastercard. Our campuses are cashless to ensure the safest environment for our students. Payment details are accepted at the point of enrolment during the application process. We accept credit or debit cards with MasterCard/Visa function.

Tuition fees will be billed depending on the chosen payment plan selected during in the enrolment application process.  Matrix offers two payment options – quarterly or monthly.

If you're new to Matrix, you will pay either your quarterly term fees or your first monthly instalment, at the point of enrolment.

Paying quarterly? You’ll pay for the whole term in one payment. The total fee will be charged upfront on the 8th of the first payment month of the term.

Term 1: 8 October

Term 2: 8 January

Term 3: 8 April

Term 4: 8 July

Term fees must be paid in full by the final payment date of the term for the student to be eligible to re-enrol at Matrix for the subsequent term.

Paying monthly? You’ll pay for the term in three instalment payments.  Each payment will deducted on the 8th of each month.

Term 1: 8 October, 8 November, 8 December

Term 2: 8 January, 8 February, 8 March

Term 3: 8 April, 8 May, 8 June

Term 4: 8 July, 8 August, 8 September

What happens if you enrol after the first Direct Debit date?

Regardless of being a new, returning or existing customer, if we process your enrolment after the first Direct Debit payment date, your instalment (monthly or quarterly) will be deducted on the day of the enrolment.

Paying quarterly? The total course fees will be deducted on the day of the enrolment. 

Paying monthly? The first instalment will be deducted on the day of the enrolment. The subsequent payments will be deducted on the second and third Direct Debit payment dates. 

There are no financial penalties or additional fees for customers who select the monthly instalment option. Have more questions about our direct debit? Head to our FAQ on Payment article.

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