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Hi there! 

We are always looking for teachers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge in their subject area of expertise.

If this sounds like you and you want to find out more, let’s get started.

Do I need a teaching degree or teaching qualifications and teacher accreditation?

No. Whilst some of our teachers have a Bachelor of Education, a Masters of Teaching and experience teaching in schools, you do not need a teaching degree to teach at Matrix. Our teachers come from a diverse range of academic backgrounds but they are all knowledgeable in their subject matter and explain things clearly.

You will need to have completed a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree qualification to be considered for a teaching position with us.

What subjects can I teach?

We have three academic faculties at Matrix – English, Maths and Science.

We run classes for the following subjects:

Year 7 - (English, Maths)
Year 8 - (English, Maths)
Year 9 - (English, Maths, Science)
Year 10 - (English, Maths, Science)
Year 11 - (English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Biology. Chemistry, Physics)
Year 12 - (English Advanced, Maths Advanced, Maths Extension 1, Maths Extension 2, Biology. Chemistry, Physics)

Do I need to prepare my own lesson plans for classes?

No. All your classroom resources (including lesson plans, homework questions, quizzes and examinations) are ready for you to deliver in the classroom.


Do you provide training?

Yes, regardless of how much, or little, experience you have, you will be taken through our Teacher Induction Program before you are deployed into the Matrix classroom. Not only do you get to see our leading educators in action, develop your teaching skills, work with a great team, but best of all, you get paid for your training!

When do I teach?

Our classes run after school on weekdays from 4:30pm, all day on Saturday and Sunday and all day during the NSW school holiday period.

As a casual teacher, you will only need to come in for the set hours that your classes are scheduled.

How many hours do I teach per week?

Our teachers usually teach between three to twelve hours per week, based upon their schedule and availabilities, and the demand for classes at our locations.

I am still at university undertaking my Bachelor’s degree. Can I still apply for a position at Matrix?

Yes, we invite undergraduate students to apply for a Tutor position with us!

What is the difference between a Teacher and a Tutor?

Students enrol for their Matrix lessons which are taught by our Teachers. If a student needs extra help, they can book in for a session with one of our Tutors, who work with the students one to one to help them with any additional learning needs.

Our Tutors are undergraduates who have achieved exceptional results in their subject area in their HSC. Our Tutors are known for being approachable and helping students who may be struggling with concepts that may require extra explanation.

Do I have to travel to the student’s house?

All lessons and workshop sessions are conducted on site at one of our campuses across Sydney. You will not be required to conduct lessons at a student’s home.

Where are your campuses?

We currently have five campuses across the Sydney metropolitan area – Strathfield, Chatswood, Epping, Hurstville and Sydney CBD.

All our campuses are in major transport hubs. They are all within two minutes walk from the railway station for our staff and student's convenience.

As a casual teacher, am I on call for teaching?

Casual teaching at Matrix differs to casual teaching at schools. Our casual teachers do not have to rely on being ‘on call’ for teaching work.

On occasion, your Head of Department may contact you should another teacher call in absent and we require a substitute teacher.


How do I apply?

All our current vacancies are listed on the jobs page. 

However, if your subject area is not advertised at the moment and you are interested in joining us, not to worry. Send your resume and application to [email protected] and if we think you have potential, we will keep your application on file and contact you should a suitable vacancy arise in the future.

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