If you are experiencing buffering, the main cause is a slow internet speed. Take note that internet speed varies and is dependent on a variety of factors.
To troubleshoot buffering, first try lowering the video quality. Video quality is largely affected by internet speed (Higher quality = Higher speed needed). So when buffering occurs try the steps below.

1 - Click the gear/cog "⚙️" to open the video settings

2 - Set the quality to 720p and then try to watch the lesson again. (Please note that after changing the video quality, the video will take a little time to render in the new quality setting)

3 - if it is still not working then lower the setting done by one level and try watching the video again.

Below is a table of minimum internet speeds by quality.

You can get an estimate on your internet speeds by using this link https://testmy.net/download

Other suggestions:

  • Please use the latest internet browser version, please avoid using Internet Explorer.

  • If using chrome, is "hardware acceleration when available" on? if so toggle off.

  • Try watching the video in incognito mode

  • If nothing works, attempt reinstalling the browser.

  • Is the router old? An old router can create a more unstable network.

  • If using a Macbook, please also have the latest software update.

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