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Guardian FAQ- Matrix+ Online Courses
Guardian FAQ- Matrix+ Online Courses

Questions about Matrix+ Online Courses

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In this article we will address some common questions you may have as a new or existing Matrix+ Online parent.

Course content.

Does Matrix+ teach the same material as Matrix On Campus?

Matrix on-campus and Matrix+ teach the exact same content, we even use the same books for both courses. The only difference between our two courses is the how deliver our lessons. You can see a full comparison of both courses and their service offerings, here.

Can my child enrol for any module or term with Matrix+?

If your child's school is learning content in a different order to Matrix, you're welcome to enrol into our Matrix+ On Demand courses and choose the term relevant to you. You can see more information here.

Course Dates, Payments & Resources.

What are my child's course dates and how long do I have access to Matrix+?

For Matrix+ online course dates and information, click here.

What are the fees for Matrix+ Online courses?

You can find a full list of prices, for all Matrix on-campus and online courses, here.

More payment FAQs can be found here.

When will my child receive their resources?

All resources will be dispatched in one business day after enrolments have been processed and finalised. Resources are sent via Express Post via Australia Post. Once resources are sent you will receive information from Australia Post to Track your order.

Setting up your Parent & Student accounts.

How does my child access their online courses?

To access both their Canvas and NEO enrolments, students should log into their student MyMatrix account. With MyMatrix they can manage all their enrolments under the one account. Detailed instructions can be found here.

You can use the same username and password for MyMatrix, Canvas and NEO.
If you have never logged in before, click here.

Do I have a Parent MyMatrix account?

Yes! All parents have a MyMatrix account. If you have never logged in before, click here.

Your MyMatrix account allows you to manage your child's enrolment, contact details, payment details and keep track of their grades all under the one account. Click here for more details.

Accessing Videos and Online Material.

How does my child access their videos.

Once they have logged into MyMatrix with their student details, click on My Courses on the left sidebar. This will show they all of their current/past courses. Simply click the links under LMS.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to access the Online Theory lesson.

If they still cannot see your videos, please check if:

  1. Are they logged in under their student account? Parents cannot access videos.

  2. Where did they log in to? Students should log in via to view their enrolments.

  3. Are they in Year 7, 8 or 11? They'll be using NEO for your Term 4 enrolments only. Ensure they have logged in via to access NEO. You can find NEO FAQs here.

  4. Are you using stable internet and Google chrome? We suggest using the most updated version of Google chrome and a computer or laptop.

Why are my child's videos locked?

Lessons are locked to ensure that students are completing their courses in the order that we believe makes the most sense for their learning. If they need to skip ahead to some material, you can always click on the lessons and press the 'next' button, to skip ahead and unlock your preferred content.

If their Lesson 1 is locked, make sure they watch the course 'introduction video'!

Why can't my child see their solutions?

If you're experiencing issues viewing your homework solutions or other resources, please click here for our trouble shooting guide.

Submitting Homework & Attempting quizzes

How does my child attempt and submit their quizzes?

Matrix offers live online quizzes for our Year 7 - 10 students! Each quiz has 10 minutes to be completed. Only 2 reattempts can be made.

Students can attempt and submit quizzes via their student account only. You cannot do this from your parent account.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to attempt and submit quizzes.

How does my child submit their homework for English?

Matrix currently offers online homework submission for English only.

Maths and Science students will receive detailed worked solutions for their homework and they can self-mark their work at home. English students are required to submit all homework online.

Students can submit homework via their student account only. You cannot do this from your parent account.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to submit homework.

Additional Study Help Available.

My child is struggling or has a question about Matrix or School work, where can they get help?

Matrix+ Online Courses allow students to address any gaps in their learning by posting their questions on the Q&A Discussion Board. They will receive a written or video response within one working day!

Students can submit questions via their student account only. You cannot do this from your parent account.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to post a question.

How to Track Your Child's Progress.

Where are my child's marks?

You can view your child's marks and progress at Matrix via your MyMatrix account and selecting the course you wish to view.

Click here for a step-by-step process on how to view marks.

Why have no marks been uploaded yet?

Maths and Science courses have online quizzes that are automatically marked once completed. If your child is missing quiz marks, you may need to check that they have been submitting their quizzes correctly.

All Maths and Science classes are provided a full set of worked solutions for them to self-mark their homework at home.

If your child is missing any marks for their English homework, please keep in mind that marking has a 2 week turn around.

If after two weeks, the marks are still missing, check with your child that they submitted their homework correctly and if they did, you're welcome to contact our Service Team who will in turn speak to the marker.

Homework can only be submitted via the student account.

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