When you’re logged into the Matrix LMS you’ll be able to track your child’s progress.

If your child is missing marks, please check that the homework was submitted correctly. Homework will only be marked if it is uploaded as a PDF.

Quizzes are completed in class and marks are uploaded instantly. If your child is missing a quiz mark, please check that they attended the lesson.

See more instructions on how to submit homework here.

How to view your child’s marks

  1. Once you log into MyMatrix, click on My Courses, you’ll see all your child’s enrolments at Matrix. If you have multiple children, you can toggle which child's enrolments you would like to view. Once toggled to the correct child, click the course you wish to view.

2. This will take you to the NEO dashboard, and you can click on the child your wish to view grades for.

3. Once you have selected the child you wish to view the grades of, click on Enrolled. This will show you the courses available on the LMS.

From here you will be able to see an overview of your child's progression on each course.

3. To view the progression for each course, click the 3 dots under more and select which you wish to view.

  • Grades: this will display the marks for each completed homework/quiz. The overall result is the average score in that course.

  • Completion: this will display which lessons your child has completed, with a tick under status.

  • Activity: this will display all the pages visited and lessons completed, on which day and the duration spent on each video.

  • Assignments: shows a graph of the overall score your child got for the course for each homework and quiz, and amount of questions asked in the Q&A Discussion Boards.

Can’t remember your login details? First time using the online portal? Click here.

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