How to Prepare for Your Workshop

Preparing for workshops to receive the maximum workshop experience

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Workshops can be booked via your MyMatrix account or by chatting to our service team online!

Preparing for One-to- One Workshops

Students should know what questions/topic they wish to ask during their 1-hour Workshop. You will be required to note down what you wish to cover in your workshop at the point of booking. The more information we have, the better our tutors can prepare for your workshop!

If you need guidance on a topic and want to attend a Workshop, we recommend that you complete this checklist prior to your booking:

  1. Bookmark/highlight questions you need help on so you can easily find them during the Workshop.

  2. Write down any extra questions so you don’t forget to ask them.

Should you wish to book a workshop, simply log into MyMatrix and click on Workshops. Click here to find out how to book a Workshop.

For more information on Workshops please visit our Workshop Policy page.

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