Our 2021 Year 12 HSC Trial Exam Preparation Courses start on Monday 31 May.

Both the Year 12 English Advanced and Maths Advanced/Ext 1/Ext 2 courses will cover the same modules for both the Trial Exam Preparation Course and the HSC Exam Preparation Course. 

Year 12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics Courses will however slightly differ in module content. Trial Exam Preparation Course in May will be covering Module 5 - 7, whilst the HSC Exam Preparation Course in October will be covering Module 5 - 8. 

Students who enrol into Trial Exam Preparation Course will be offered to enrol into Module 8 when the HSC Exam Preparation course becomes available.

Theory Vs Practice

These courses will offer both theory content whilst still covering a large number of exam-style questions and learning essential exam techniques in preparation for the HSC Trial Examinations Exams. Below you'll find a guide on how much of the course is spent on theory compared to practice questions:

  • Science - Approximately 30-40% will be theory focusing on challenging key concepts. The remainder will be practice questions.

  • Maths - Around 20% will be theory and the remaining practice questions.

  • English - 40-50% will be theory. The modules are structured so the remainder of the course will go through skills to assist students with producing Band 6 essays.

What Module will my Preparation Course cover?

Our Trial Prep Online course includes:

  • 6 x Clear, structured Trial Lesson Theory Lesson Videos shot by our subject matter experts. Students can watch the videos any day and anytime in the comfort of their home.

  • Matrix Trial Exam Preparation Course resource written by our academic team covering all aspect of the NESA syllabus. Sent to your home!

  • Online Discussion Board for students to submit any questions they may have from their course and receive a response in 1 working day!

  • Students will still be able to access Trial Prep lessons videos, Q&A Discussion Boards and online resources from 31 May until 12 September.

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