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Frequently Asked Questions - Classes
Frequently Asked Questions - Classes

Questions you may have when choosing your classes.

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Q1: The class I want says 'Full, join waitlist', what does that mean?

When choosing a class that is 'Full, join waitlist', you will be placed on a waiting list. Once a spot becomes available, we will notify you over email to enrol and secure your spot in that class.

Alternatively, so you don't miss out on any class content, you can choose an alternative class time to attend for the same subject and place yourself on the waiting list for the one that is full.

Throughout the term, if a spot becomes available for the 1st class, you will be notified by email. You can then choose to transfer to your 1st preference class, or stay in your enrolled class.

Q2: If I'm placed on the waiting list, do I then have to pay?

You will not be asked to input any credit card details for a placement on the waiting list. We will only request for payment details when we offer you a spot in a class.

Q3: Who are teachers, teaching the classes?

We have over 90 teachers teaching at Matrix Education with real classroom teaching experience. All our teachers undergo strict training to ensure high teaching standards. For more information on our teachers and our philosophy please click here.

If there's a particular teacher you are after, please message our team and we can advise you on which class they're teaching.

Q4. What's the difference between two classes running at the same time and what are the codes attached to these classes?

You may have noticed that we often run multiple classes at the same time and as a result, they have different class codes. The only difference between classes running at the same time, is the teacher. The class codes are simply an administration tool so that we know which specific class you have enrolled into.

For example, if you're looking into enrolling into a Year 12 Chemistry class at Strathfield on Saturday at 1:30pm, you could choose between three different classes SS31, SS32 & SS33. There is no difference between these classes, except the teacher who is taking them.

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