FAQ: On-campus courses

Commonly asked questions about our on-campus courses.

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What happens if my class is cancelled?

If a teacher is unable to attend their class for reasons beyond their control and a substitute teacher is unavailable we may have to cancel a class. On this rare occasion, we’ll send an SMS text message to affected students informing them of their class cancellation. Your class will resume in the following week and will finish a week later than scheduled in Week 10.

I’m running late. What do I do?

Call the Matrix Service Team on 1300 008 008 so they can relay the message to your teacher. We recommend you contact us as soon as possible because any absent students during roll call are contacted by a Service Team member. It’s our duty of care to check that you’re okay even if it means calling your parents!

I can’t make it to class. What do I do?

Email [email protected] or chat to us here to let us know. We’ll note your absence and let your teacher know. Twice per term, students can also request access to the online lesson if they weren't able to make their on campus class. To receive access, please mention this when letting us know of your absence.

I want to re-enrol for next term, how can I do this?

Enrolments at Matrix will automatically be secured from one term to another within the academic year. If you are changing your grade at Matrix we will be in contact to advise of any changes to your timetable.

If I'm in Year 10 can I enrol in a Year 11 Matrix course?

For Matrix services to be beneficial students must attend Matrix classes according to their grade level at school. Skipping grades at Matrix is not permitted as students are likely to develop gaps in the learning which creates difficulties in more difficult concepts in Year 11 & 12.

What if I can't make my topic test?

Please message us through the chat (below right) to let us know if you are not able to sit your topic test. You may also contact us at [email protected].

Maths and Science topic test can be accessed on your LMS with worked solutions provided.

English topic test, must be sat during the scheduled class in Week 9 for it to be marked. If you're unable to attend the topic test in class, you can still attempt the topic test online for marking by Week 10 that term.

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